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Training for Health Professionals in the
BET PhysioPilates System:

We offer education services to upgrade your skills and enhance your quality of care.

The BET PhysioPilates education system is a systematic, high quality, and efficient method for training physical medicine practitioners in the application of Pilates-based therapeutic exercise. Rochenda co-developed (with Julia Ellis, Rochenda's mentor and gifted ballet teacher, choreographer, and Pilates expert) the BET PhysioPilates training curriculum "initially" to train Physiotherapists in their Hong Kong clinic. Since 1997 Rochenda has been actively teaching this system internationally to Physiotherapists and other health care practitioners. This has taken her to Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and Seoul, Korea.

The foundation of the BET system is presented in the Level One and Level Two Mat courses. These two levels are currently offered in a hybrid model with much of the learning and support in an online format in partnership with Embodia Academy, an online education platform.

Rochenda works closely with Susan Ting (a physiotherapist who interned in Rochendas’ Hong Kong clinic and who has continued to practice BET PhysioPilates in Vancouver). Susan teaches with Rochenda and also offers the in-person component of the Level One and Two Mat curriculum in Vancouver.

Please contact Rochenda about course enquires.

Online courses for health professionals.

Upcoming courses in Toronto, Canada, 2024

BET PhysioPilates. Neuromuscular Re-education of Posture Control:

Level 1 Mat Extended Hybrid Course / Level 2 Mat Hybrid Course

The Level 1 and 2 courses are brought to you by Physio Therapy Concepts and Embodia Academy.

The 1.5-day studio sections follow the completion of online content. The studio section is held in a small, intimate group to maximize quality learning and practice.

Spaces for the following studio sections are very limited.

Level 1 Friday, Sept 6th (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm) and Saturday, Sept 7th (9:30 am – 6:00 pm)

Level 2 Sunday, Sept 8th (9:30 pm – 5:00 pm) and Monday, Sept 9th (9:30 am – 1:00 pm)

(prerequisite is completion of Level 1)

*It is necessary to enrol in a studio section before being granted access to purchase online sections with Embodia.

Reach out to Rochenda for more information or to register.

Shift your treatment paradigm! Enhance your practice! Change your own body!

The following testimonials reflect our participants’ experiences:

BET PhysioPilates Academies

Training for Everyone:
Stay tuned for upcoming mini-courses that will teach you skills, concepts and exercises to improve your quality of life

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