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Our inspiration:

"Your body is the harp of your soul. And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or, confused sounds."- In the words of Khalil Gibran (1883- 1931)

Are confused sounds coming from your body?

Your body is not only the harp of your soul, it operates like a finely tuned orchestra. If one instrument (muscle) is out of tune or out of place… the music (movement) is CONFUSED.

The confusion impacts your biomechanics (how your body moves) and how efficiently you are using your muscles. All muscles work in complicated patterns called “synergies”. All movement is a sophisticated coordination of synergies (like an orchestra), and the brain (the orchestra's conductor) controls all this.

When this breaks down, the confusion is, well, painful!

Rochenda brings her expertise and over 30 years of experience spent exclusively in the development, research, teaching, and clinical practice in her unique Pilates-based Physiotherapy system (BET PhysioPilates)

What to expect:

Your first visit will be an initial consultation with a physiotherapist. This assessment is designed to uncover any biomechanical (how the body responds to the forces of movement) or postural (how the body supports itself) problems that may be affecting your ability to orchestrate movement efficiently, potentially contributing to your pain or condition.

This assessment will guide the treatment. Training will address the specific muscles and muscle synergies (how muscles work together) that are found to be out of balance. Targeted ‘mat’ exercises and movement exercises on the Pilates apparatus are used to train and correct muscle patterning, biomechanics, and posture. Unique to the Pilates approach is the focus on the ‘centre' and its' support for the body's architecture. It is important to note this is different from conventional “core” exercises.

Our approach is exclusively PhysioPilates. All treatments are one on one with the Physiotherapist and we do not utilise Assistants or Pilates Instructors.

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BET PhysioPilates