Mission Statement  
We are committed to providing premium, professional and scientifically sound Pilates based exercise rehabilitation services for the treatment of musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions and to promote wellness, supported by a commitment to quality assurance and evidence informed practice.
  The body operates like a finely tuned orchestra or, like a precisely tuned machine -- if one instrument, or cog, or muscle is out of place -- the output is .....

  Rochenda Howard is excited to bring her successful BET Physio–Pilates exercise rehabilitation system from Hong Kong to West Toronto supported with 20 years spent developing, researching, teaching and practicing in this system.

Have you tried physical treatments (for eg physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathic) for an ongoing problem but the problem or pain keeps coming back or, it never completely goes away?

Have you tried general exercise and get stronger but with limited effect on your pain or condition?

The pain or limitations that you are experiencing may be related to how your muscles are pulling about your body or how effeciently your muscles support your trunk (spine, hip and shoulder girdles) during movement.
No muscle works in isolation. All muscles work in patterns called ‘synergies’. All movement is performed via a sophisticated co-ordination of these synergies (like an orchestra producing music). And to complicate things, our brain (the conductor) controls all this – mostly at a subconscious level.

At BET PhysioPilates, the physiotherapist will identify and work with the muscles and muscle patterns that appear to be 'out of synergy',
influencing your movement and
contributing to your problem.

This requires specific training through both ‘mat exercises’ and ‘movement exercises’ on and off the Pilates apparatus to correct muscle patterning and biomechanics.

The focus is on the muscles of the (inner) core or 'the centre' to stabilise the base of all movement - the trunk and the spine.

'BET' stands for Biokinetik Exercise
Technique. Bio means human and kinetik comes from the Greek word "to move". BET is a therapeutic exercise system designed for physiotherapists and for the re-education of movement patterns disrupted by pain, injury or poor postures.